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Work with people who are committed to Excellence
Strong client relationships are fundamental to every aspect of Jones and Cooper Builders business, but they are of paramount importance when building or renovating a residential property. Jones and Cooper Builders understand the personal connection that a client feels towards building their own home or renovating and they take time to understand their client’s vision.
They realise the importance of maintaining a strong communicative relationship between you, as the client, the construction manager on your project, his team of tradesmen and the overall project manager.

Working in Partnership an Important part of the process
Peter Cooper says “We work in partnership with you bringing in and working with other professionals and trades where needed. We are committed to ensuring that the journey is an enjoyable one for all involved. We work with you every step of the way from the initial design conception through to handing over the keys at the completion of the build. As we are members of the Registered Master Builders Association you are assured that your home will be built to the highest quality standards and that the service and information you receive along the way will be first-class.” 
The company prides itself on its high standards of work and delivery. Its management also plays an active role in the Registered Master Builders Association, having been a member since 1975. Jones and Cooper Builders are proud to have won a number of House of the year Awards over the years for both Residential and Commercial work.

Commercial Expertise Benefits with Residential Building
Jones and Cooper Builders capabilities in the commercial sector add great strength to their ability to deliver quality residential builds and renovations using more efficient production methods, giving a timely and cost effective end result.
As architectural designs advance, so have construction methods.  Modern homes often incorporate innovative and sustainably focused building methods and materials, resulting in a technically challenging build.  Commercial construction experience is vital to keeping costs down and deadlines within reach.

Peter Cooper believes that “Projects must be well planned and managed, with a high degree of hands on involvement .......  without which, efficiencies can reduce and problems develop. Our teams skill base and experience is complemented by utilizing sub trades and experts where needed, resulted in high quality project management that meets your expectations.
Seamless Renovations
We work with you to ensure any renovations, alterations or additions you undertake on your existing home look seamless when completed. We take pride in making sure the finished product looks as if it was part of the original building.

Residential work covered with a Registered Master Builders Guarantee
All new residential work undertaken by Jones and Cooper Builders is covered by a Master Build Services 7-year guarantee. They have a dedicated construction coordinator who will personally manage all sub-trades on your site, keeps you informed of progress and can answer any questions you may have as the project progresses. Their structured business systems and back-up allows them to manage the construction of your home in an orderly, professional manner. You can be confident that they will be there to complete your full building contract and their ongoing responsibilities.

The First Step to get Underway  - Design the House or Renovation you want
We can build your new home or renovation to plans provided by you or we work alongside design professionals who will work through with you your ideal home or extension. The planning stage is a crucial part of ensuring your dreams become a reality. The design phase starts with you meeting with a chosen professional designer,  in this initial meetings it is all about finding out what your ideas are, and how best to turn these into reality.

Concept Drawing through to Final Plans
The first set of drawings are Scheme Plans which usually need some fine tuning before being confirmed and the Working Drawings begun. We then become involved at this stage to work through the investment needed to realise your New Home. Once you are happy with the finalised plans and pricing then we can lodge the building consent. Once consent is issued the construction phase begins.

Competitive Pricing
Quality workmanship is a hallmark of all the projects we undertake, with new homes and renovations alike we know how important it is to allow for all the options from the start to ensure you are not disappointed with the end result. We know that the pricing we can offer is highly competitive. We are able to achieve these attractive building rates through the partnerships we have developed with our suppliers and sub-contractors. We usually work on agreed progress payments along the way so you have the security of seeing what you are paying for as it develops.

Construction Phase
For most new homes you are looking at a 20 – 25 week timeframe from beginning to handover of the finished house. Renovations depend entirely on the scale of the project. Our contracts manager will project manage and supervise the job. We use trusted, reliable subcontractors and suppliers who pride themselves in achieving a high standard of quality
Progress updates and inspections
During the construction of your home we will regularly update you on its progress, attend to any changes you may decide on and welcome you to inspect the property as it develops.

Final Inspections After Completion
As active members of the Registered Master Builders Association of New Zealand we abide by various and stringent conditions of that organisation. Consequently there are numerous pre-completion visits we will make to ensure that your new home is to your satisfaction.Several "settling" adjustments may need to be made and we carry these out free of charge. The type of adjustment we refer to here might be the easing of doors or windows. They are minor but necessary items that need to be seen to, this is for a period of 90 days. We also incorporate the 7 year Master Build Guarantee into your contract.




Agents for Well Known National Construction Brands
Jones and Cooper Builders are also agents for well known New Zealand construction brands:


registered master builder

A Registered Master Builder offers you:

• A proven track record in building and business
• Master Build 7 Year Guarantees on residential work with a contract price of $25,000 or more
• Peace of mind and formal investigation and complaints settlement procedures
• The protection of consumer friendly Building Contracts

Full support and backup from the member's local RMB Association and the national Registered Master Builders Federation.

Limited Number of Town House Sections with Plans Available
Jones and Cooper Builders also have a number of ready-to-develop sections available in the central Gore. We can offer a fixed price option to allow you to move into a brand new townhouse without all the hassle of starting at the drawing board and you have the security of knowing your retirement home will be affordable. Enquire now about this option



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